Steady my heart

Watching my girl struggle tears me apart
I can’t think of anything else
I want to scoop her up and run
I want a restart
But God has told me to steady my heart

I want to go back and love her more through those misunderstood years
I wish I had known what looked like defiance was actually fear
I wish I knew her struggle, that it was just her brain
I wish I could do all those years again.
She is different and wonderful but she is sad a lot
It’s unseen to most, but for us hard to watch
She seems OK but each perceived rejection gets stuck in her heart
She gets angry and reacts and tries to pull us all apart
It’s so hard to watch this and then steady my heart
She takes it out on us and we react back
But later realise its her that is under attack
I cry and just wish I could change things for you
Protect you from those around you who misunderstand too
But god tells me to steady my heart
What does that mean? What do I do?
It means I don’t spend my time looking back for a different you
I don’t follow my emotions down a dark street
I don’t try to escape and take you with me
She is a challenge, and I did my absolute best
God gave us her and he knew we would be blessed
Blessings don’t always come all pretty and easy
They are often hard and take effort- and time to truly see
The temptation to worry about her days ahead are always there at the door
Calling me to feel a failure in my very core
The regret of those misunderstood years makes me want to restart
But i look to God to take the worry and regret and ask him to steady my heart
My little wild one theres nothing that can change my love for you
And If my heart can be steady, then yours can be too.

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