Falling Behind

Falling behind
By your standards, not mine. She may not be reading as fast or writing so neat but she’s strong and brave and shes fast on her feet. She cares if you’re sad, or if you’re in need, she will give you her last bit of money and do it for free.

It’s your standards not mine, she doesn’t come up to your bar. But she works hard, does her best and one day she’ll go far. She dug this stone path out until it was done, loved the hard work of labour and the challenge was fun. She is hard working but not by your rules, she may not learn the way you want but she isn’t a fool. You are wanting her to be something she isn’t and she doesn’t fit your mould, but if you are kind and patient with her, her gifts and character will unfold.
If she’s trying her best, then that is enough for me. She’s not falling behind by my standards, she’s where she’s meant to be.

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