The cover up

The cover up
I always used to tell the truth
Admit the worst
Flaunt my flaws

Share every mistake
But when it’s not about me
And its about my child
It doesn’t work, to do the same
It causes hurt and heaps on shame
I would find it hard when other parents tried to make things sound less
Cover up the whole truth, he just pushed in ‘Oh bless’
With my kid
I would point out each mistake
Say it all out loud
Thinking that was right
That was the way
Show them I know its wrong what she did
Be on their side rather then my kid’s
When actually now i see
You chose to champion your child
To be on their side
To think the best
You put your child’s needs above the rest.
But maybe there’s a good balance of both views
Be positive with your child, whilst telling the truth
Be honest with them, but stay kind
Protect their little hearts whilst still training their minds.
‘You are normally so gentle, I know you have a good heart. Show that you care and say sorry- let’s have a restart.’
So now I try to cover over a little more, relax and trust my child will work it through
It feels strange for me to not say each mistake I see, to say the whole ‘truth’
But if I really think about it…
What is the truth?
The truth is that all children are learning, and children want to please (some have trouble showing it and some do it easily)
And children- just like us, make mistakes and feel bad when they do
They want to be loved and accepted, and for us to show them what to do
So I will try to have more grace for my kids, help show them the right way
Cover over the little mistakes and see the good in them each day.

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