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November 2016

Faith, Family

What’s your hurry?

I am upstairs with my baby boy, rocking and singing and swaying and patting. I’m hoping he will fall asleep soon, my arm is starting to go dead and I just so badly want to put him down so I can go downstairs and read one of my parenting blogs I save especially for nap time.

It was in this moment God spoke to me and reminded me just to stop and listen to His guidance.

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Faith, Identity

How do you see your life?

If someone were to ask you for a picture to describe your life, what would you think of?

Your answer to this question can help reveal how you feel about yourself, how you feel about others and how you feel about God. It can help you to understand the values which underpin your thoughts and your actions.

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Faith, Family

On the edge

Just before I set off on one of our many walks to the shops with my 2 year old daughter Sophia, I knelt down and looked her in the eye and gently held onto her arm so that she can hear me. I say ‘You must stay near me today Sophia, don’t run off or hang back, I need to keep you safe’.

My daughter is wonderfully engaging, lively and defiant courageous, and so she needs this warning before we leave.

After months of dealing with an escapee toddler, she hears my warning and decides to try something different.

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