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What’s your hurry?

I am upstairs with my baby boy, rocking and singing and swaying and patting. I’m hoping he will fall asleep soon, my arm is starting to go dead and I just so badly want to put him down so I can go downstairs and read one of my parenting blogs I save especially for nap time.

It was in this moment God spoke to me and reminded me just to stop and listen to His guidance.

Normally my son is good at falling to sleep on his own but this last week he has forgotten how and is needing a lot of extra cuddle time with me.

As I was starting to feel a bit frustrated and to be honest a little inconvenienced, I just felt God say-

‘What is your hurry?’

‘ I am a perfect and loving father- why don’t you listen to what I have to say; read my blog!

I teach kindness, patience, love, forgiveness- all the the things needed for creating a peaceful and loving home.’

So I stayed cuddling and holding my precious baby boy and just prayed and listened and remembered that God is really amazing.

Sometimes I tend to beat myself up for not praying enough but I think as busy mums we just have to get a bit more creative about where we pray. God knows we are busy and our thoughts are scattered in about 10 directions and he knows we are tired and unable to focus sometimes, but he wants so much to meet you wherever you are – even there, in the dark room with your arm going dead.

He also knows better then any earthly parent and can truly lead you to guide your own children in a loving and peaceful way.

Isaiah 40:11
He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.

He gently gets us to take a look at ourselves and how we respond, act and think when we are with our children. When god gives us his insight, it changes our character and in turn affects how we parent, creating a better environment to lovingly bring them up in.

He also gets us to just stop and enjoy the precious moments of loving our little ones and remember that if we look to him, he will guide us.

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