Willing to serve

God loves a willing heart.
More then natural talent, more then gifted talent. More then how many connections you have or who your friends are.
Whether you are married or good looking or popular.
Whether or not you think you are good at the thing or whether or not you actually are.
It actually doesn’t matter.

God will use you powerfully if you are willing.

If you don’t step up, he will use the next person in line who is willing.
Be willing and he (who can do all things…)will make you able.
If you stay open to his teaching and to what he has for you, you won’t miss it.

But remember God does not do things at your pace. His pace may be slower then we like at times but this is the preparation, the tests of perseverance and commitment.

Are you willing to be a servant for Him, to lay down your rights and give your life over to him to use?

This is when you get pushed out of your comfort zone and you truly start to be the person God made you. Not the way the world sells it to you to ‘be all you can be and get the most out of life’ but true costly world changing living. For God and His church.

This is living life to the full.

Taking the low position of servant (not hired and paid) is at the heart of the Christian faith. Its not an obligation but a privilege and joy, and it is through this we find true fulfillment and joy as we are not only called to humbly serve our God but also our fellow Christians.

From the series: Marks of Maturity: Biblical Characteristics of a Christian Leader

Mark #8: The Heart of a Servant
‘there is no question that if we as Christians are going to grow and mature into Christ-like character, we must experience progress in giving of ourselves in ministry to and for others. While we can and should find comfort and encouragement in Christ (Phil. 2:1), when properly grasped, that comfort should propel us into servants of the Savior and one another. Servant living stands opposed to the primary concerns we see today where the focus of our culture and society is more on our own personal happiness and comfort.’

We are always serving something. Be it self, money (which is at heart serving self) or God. If we serve money it will lead us astray for in that we are feeding our need for power, comfort and possessions, but if we put our trust in Jesus we can let go of our rights and have faith in God’s plan and provision for us.

Greatness in God’s kingdom is never to be found in position or power or in the praise and opinions of men, but in servant-like service to others.

Christ’s security, His love, and His confidence in the Father and future allowed the Lord Jesus to assume the position of a servant, an amazing example of condescension (vss. 4-6). This attitude, faith, and action portrayed His entire ministry on earth (cf. Phil. 2:5-8) and provides us with the perfect example of what He wants to do in our lives. But this also demonstrates how servant living is accomplished in us—through faith and understanding of who we are in Christ and by confidence in the eternal glories of the future.

Jesus was the ultimate example of love and it is from his perfect example that we learn to lay down our lives and serve as he did. This is where we find true satisfaction and fulfilment and actually it is here that we discover our purpose and our place.

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